Internet of Things, Delta and a new app solution: Exclusive with LocusLabs

With passenger experience and providing a seamless experience more and more important to both airport and airline, we hear exclusively from the brains behind the FlyDelta app…

1. Who are LocusLabs?

LocusLabs gives global venues, enterprises and brands a digital platform to communicate, share and manage everything about their physical space. Based in San Francisco, LocusLabs was formed in 2014 specifically to solve air industry problems requiring location services at scale and across global venues. Its founders and directors are all veteran leaders in robotics, cloud computing, design and mobile technologies.

2. Could you explain the thought process behind the app

LocusLabs is not an app by itself. Our products enable location services in other apps, like FlyDelta. Our solutions include a software development kit (LocusMaps SDK) and Venue Management System to manage geospatial content and advanced enterprise use cases involving the location of static and dynamic “things” (commonly referred to as the “Internet of Things,” IoT).

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