Updated Fly Delta app helps customers find their way, access trip info – even offline

Delta app continues leading industry with fully integrated airport wayfinding maps, bolstered reliability

It’s 8:03 a.m. You dozed off and missed the in-flight beverage service – you had been looking forward to grabbing a Starbucks onboard.  You’re on approach to CVG, an airport you’ve only been to a few times, and wonder, “What are the chances there’s a Starbucks on the way to get my bags?” Thankfully, you updated your iPhone with the latest version of the Fly Delta app featuring airport wayfinding maps. You access it, tap on the “CVG” on your boarding pass, and up pops the CVG airport map where you search “Starbucks.” There are four – and one is near your arrival gate!

Delta on Wednesday released the latest version of its Fly Delta app, giving customers access to the industry’s most innovative airport wayfinding maps, and the ability to keep up with boarding pass and flight details, even when a reliable Wi-Fi or cellular connection isn’t available.

The wayfinding tool features interactive maps for 20 major airports – including the airline’s hubs – and guides customers with turn-by-turn walking directions to their next gate, a restaurant or even baggage claim. Delta is the only airline to give customers the ability to access airport maps on iPhone via their boarding pass by touching the departure city code, arrival city code or gate numbers, and through My Trips, Flight Status and the “More” section.

Airport maps included are: ATL, BOS, CVG, DCA, DTW, JFK, LAX, LGA, LHR, MCO, MSP, NRT, SEA, SFO and SLC. This spring the app also will include maps for AMS, CDG, GRU, MEX and PVG. Click here to continue reading.


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